There are now many ways to communicate with us and within the group. To make it easier to manage here are some options:

  1. Individual committee members should be contacted with regard to their particular roles. For example, you would contact the events organiser for queries about coach trips, the newsletter editor for newsletter articles, and the walks organiser for questions about our walks programme.
  2. The Contact Form: We value your feedback so please let us know if you have any comments or notice any errors on the website. Please let us have your suggestions, or tell us of things you like or don’t like. Use this form if you have questions about anything relating to the group.
  3. The Joining form, or Membership Enquiries form (only visible when you are logged-in to the website), if you want to join the group or you have any queries about your membership.
  4. The Chat mailing list is for information about sightings, birdwatching sites you have visited, identification requests and general chit-chat. Chat is only available to members of RSPB Guildford Local Group. Log-in and follow the link to apply in the Members Area or use our contact form.

How we communicate with you

If we have any urgent messages, such as trip cancellations, we email to everyone for whom we have an email address. This way we are able to broadcast to the whole membership, not just those who are signed up to Chat. We use blind copy so as not to display personal email addresses. At present, members who have given us their email addresses cannot opt out of such notifications.

We also use banner headlines on the home page to bring things to members’ attention.

Contact list